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What is Aarogya?

Aarogya literally translates to ‘Health’ symbolizing our vision for rural India.

Aarogya is an initiative comprising of a chain of polyclinics, hosting a variety of medical services. Our volunteers from each Gram Panchayat collect medical information from every household regarding all the members and understand the issues that they face. According to their medical problems, they are suggested to visit Aarogya for low-cost treatment.

This way not only do we collect information regarding various health problems for further research and development, but we also spread awareness about the importance of undergoing treatment early on.

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More than 50% population suffers dental problems

According to ministry of health and family welfare, dental caries affects about 60% and periodontal disease about 85% of the Indian population.

Maximum Patients found to be in Stage III, aged 50-69

Highest percentage of oral cancer patients were aged between 50-69 and 42.7% males & 50% females were in the most critical stage.

Tobacco & Alcohol rank as top causes

Chewing (Gutkha, Khaini, Paan Masala) and Smoking (Bidi) of Tobacco and Habitual Consumption of Alcohol are the leading causes of oral cancer.

Is India really the Oral Cancer Capital?

The Burden of Dental Diseases

Oral cancer is the most widely recognized disease in India among men (11.28% of all cancers), the fifth most as often as possible happening disease among ladies (4.3% of all cancers).

The issue of dental sicknesses is all the more staggering in rural regions attributable to detachment to dental experts. Absence of dental foundation and public emergency clinics is additionally a troubling circumstance as this makes even the basic dental services inaccessible to the common man.

Causation Factors on the Rise

The use of tobacco is directly associated with approximately 80% of oral cancers. Youth and women are increasingly consuming smokeless tobacco either due to imitation and/or peer pressure.

An estimated 200 million adults and 5 million kids are reportedly addicted to gutka. Cigarettes and Gutkha result in nicotine intake and addiction. Nicotine from smokeless tobacco is absorbed through the mouth and it takes more time to produce an effect than if it were absorbed through the lungs, making it equally dangerous as smoking.

Early Detection and Treatment

About 60% of oral cancer cases in India have a five-year survival rate, and this number has shown to increase from 70 to 90 percent with mere early detection in stages I and II.

When diagnosed early, the 5-year survival rate is above 80%, whereas it’s less than 20-30% in advanced stage of the disease.The lack of awareness about early oral cancer symptoms is the main reason for cancer being detected at later stages. Early detection not only dramatically improves the chances of survival from 50 to 90 percent but also reduces cost of treatment.

Dental Clinics

How does Aarogya solve this problem?

Our volunteers go to each rural household, spread awareness about oral health and understand each member's dental conditions, dental check-up history and tobacco consumption habits.

Accordingly, they are, then, recommended to visit Aarogya Dental Clinic in their locality to get dental tests done. Their test reports are analysed by a city-based dental expert.

After report analysis, they are offered low-cost treatment at Aarogya and are guided towards their curative medical services so that escalation of the dental disease can be prevented and the illness is cured at the earliest.

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Our Impact


Enhanced Healthcare

Driven by the motive of making healthcare convenient for all, Aarogya is an initiative to make diagnosis and medical assisstance inexpensive and accessible.


Women Empowerment

Our chosen volunteers from each Gram Panchayat are primarily women, which generates employment opportunities for them.


Rural Development

Aarogya aims to reach the most secluded corners of the country with medical solutions that can be easily used by the underprivileged poor.


Imparting Knowledge

Spreading awareness is the first step to generate health responsibility. At Aarogya, we educate and motivate people about medical sincerity.


Family Planning

When a volunteer approaches a household, she also offers a low-cost, high-accuracy pregnancy test kit, highlighting the importance of family planning.


Women's Hygiene

Volunteers on-the-round also provide with biodegradable sanitary napkins, cautioning women  about associated health risks.

What We Care For!

Bringing Healthcare within Reach for Rural Poor

Aarogya, a chain of polyclinics, aspires to provide the most inclusive healthcare services, keeping in mind the constraints of rural India.

The Keys to a New Future for Medical Assisstance

A one-stop clinic for all treaments, Aarogya provides innovative and one-of-a-kind solutions for various illnesses like dental care, anemia, etc.

Women rise to Create Impact and Impart Knowledge

Taking the assisstance to the underprivileged a step further, women involvement is a key highlight in the functioning of Aarogya!