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EzeRx was founded in the year 2018, on the principle of “MedTech for the Masses”.

EzeRx aims to bring medical care closer and easier to the patient and their physicians by developing and manufacturing advanced medical devices and providing them with innovative solutions.

Its primary focus is on breakthrough innovations in non-invasive manner and on IoT platforms with a holistic management approach. We as a team are dedicated to the efficient and integral management of curative and preventive healthcare. We thrive to make preventive healthcare accessible to people from all spheres.

At EzeRx Health Tech, the objective is to build a breakthrough integral diagnostic and medical solutions-oriented organisation with a culture of creative innovations for various health ailments and disbarments detected across the globe. This in turn shortens the pathway of screening and diagnosis of a patient. This aspect helps us to stand alone strongly in the market and continuously work to fulfil our objective.

We rely on progressive technology used across the globe to bring in innovative, environment friendly, affordable, and accessible services for all irrespective of their geographic and socio-economic status. This fundamental goal of EzeRx has helped us to add several laurels to our name and grow at an impressive manner.


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Our Story

Among the humans, the basic elements for maintaining a healthy and disease-free lifestyle are commonly neglected. This is mainly due to the monetary and accessibility of proper medical care to all. People across various regions are unaware of the key ailments factor and are suffering at an alarming rate. By making it as an objective to eradicate this suffering, we developed an advanced venture in healthcare that will be accessible and affordable for all including people staying in rural or remote geographical areas and belonging to various socio-economic groups.

EzeRx was built on the principle to make a non-invasive, portable, affordable, and easily accessible healthcare devices enriched with advanced technologies which will help to reach and screen a larger mass of the population for early detection of ailments and provide adequate diagnosis.


Our Vision

EzeRx has certain objectives and moral intentions to go by, such as:

  • To provide affordable screening solutions for the common health care problems like Anaemia.
  • To make preventive healthcare easily accessible to the mass without having any geographical or socio-economic barriers.
  • To make people aware of the basic elements of preventive health care and its deficiencies.
  • Decrease the duration and pathway between the screening of elements of health and its concerned medical care.

Our Mission

To develop and manufacture non- invasive, IoT enabled medical devices and solutions that make screening of patient’s hassle- free, affordable, and easily accessible to the masses. As it is cost- friendly to common people and accessible to various remote/ rural regions it enables frequent check-ups which in turn helps in early detection of health problems and provide with required medical treatment. This bridges the gap between diagnosis and cure.

EzeRx also contributes to the environment by decreasing the amount of medical wastage as no blood is drawn from human body. It also generates digital reports to the patients which again contributes to the environment and help in maintaining a healthier environment and society.


MedTech for the Masses

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Impact

    In India, Anaemia is classified as a chronic disease with an estimation of 52% of non-pregnant women of reproduction age.

    People are unaware about the basic and function and necessity of Haemoglobin in human body.

    Lack of diagnostic methods for proper screening.

    Expensive clinical tests for detection of deficiency of Haemoglobin.

    Delayed procedure between screening and providing medical assistance.

    People having low nutritious diets tend to lack on vitamins and iron content in their body which results in Anaemia.

    Most of the patients suffer from infections after undergoing Haemoglobin screening at hospitals/ clinics due to poor hygienic conditions of environment and medical appliances..

    Regular unavailability of medical help in various locations (including rural and remote areas) also people willing to spend money on the medical tests and procedures.

    Lack of Haemoglobin leads to Anaemia which affects the functioning of other organs.

    Mostly teenage girls and women suffering from Anaemia tend to have slower growth rate, fatigue, slower rate of cognition activity, and face gynaecological problems.

    EzeRx has developed a device named EzeCheck that conducts the screening of Haemoglobin and checks for Anaemia in human body.

    It provides easily accessible solutions to promote regular health examinations and generate public awareness regarding Anaemia.

    It does not require human blood and any other medical appliances. It is conducted without any physician’s assistance hence, affordable to the mass.

    As it is portable and non- invasive (prick-free and painless) people belonging to different geographical locations can avail it for screening purposes.

    The screening through EzeCheck is normally hassle-free and generates digital reports within few minutes.

    It helps in to fasten the medical procedure which leads to better cure and prevention from ailments.

    Basic healthcare became accessible to all irrespective of their socio-economic status and geographic locations.

    Various health care facilities, NGOs, clinics have started using EzeCheck for the primary level of screening purposes and have contributed to early detection and prevention of Anaemia.

    Workshops, Campaigns and other events have occurred where EzeCheck has been used and captured the interest of MNCs, and other health care bodies to help in contributing to their CSR activities.

    Spread of awareness regarding the importance of consuming nutritious and iron rich food and its direct correlation with health aid.

    It also educates about the repercussions of bad diet, unhealthy eating habits, unhygienic environment, irregular medical check-ups, and discontinuation of medications (if assigned any) and how all of this leads to deficiency of presence of haemoglobin and prevents the spread of Anaemia.

    People residing in rural and remote parts are now able to meet their basic preventive healthcare needs and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Reduction of various medical wastages which in turn leads to a healthier environment.

    Saves one’s time, expenditure, blood, and ensures a hygienic method of conduction of tests and diagnosis.

    As it does not use any other medical appliances (like vile, syringes, glass slides, cotton, and others) and paper to conduct the haemoglobin tests and generate the reports, it substantially contributes to a healthier environment practises.

    Helps in assisting the growth of various communities by providing them basic health care facilities and educing them about preventive health and its ailments.

Our Team & Advisors

Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra
Founder & CEO

Chaitali Roy

Co-Founder & COO


Sudip Roy Chowdhury

Director & CSO


Dr. Sandeep Sharma

Process Owner and Medical Advisor

Our Associates