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About Us

India's most innovative and disruptive healthcare startup!

EzeRx is a healthcare startup founded in 2018 which aims to develop highly progressive medical devices and innovative solutions.

We are a Med-Tech company dedicated towards the effective management of curative and preventive healthcare.

With several accolades to our name, we rely on cutting-edge technology to bring affordable and accessible services for all!

Money and Means shouldn't be constraints to Healthcare.

Our Story

Coming from a rural, middle-class background, it was common to see how health issues were neglected until late, due to monetary and accessibility issues. Being determined to eradicate this suffering drove us to develop an advanced venture in healthcare – EzeRx!

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Our Vision

To be responsible towards the society and provide inexpensive diagnostic solutions for healthcare problems of the mass. Make it accessible even in the most remote places of the country to create primary awareness about the illnesses.

Our Mission

To develop and manufacture innovative medical devices and solutions that make diagnosis hassle-free and enable regular check-ups for early detection of problems so that further treatment can take place.


Healthcare with Passion


  • Costly Diagnostic Tests of Anemia, Bilirubin, Oxygen Saturation, Creatinine and Blood Sugar.
  • Little or no access to pathology centres in rural India – thus high secondary and tertiary expenses
  • Lack of testing leads to the neglect of diseases.


  • Basic healthcare inaccessible¬†
  • No awareness about illness means no preventive action taken
  • As a result, an increase in the severity of health problems such as Diabetes, Anemia and Kidney, Lungs and Liver problems, leads to increased deaths.


  • Affordable services
  • Easily available solutions to promote regular health examinations and generate awareness.
  • Hassle-free diagnosis of 5 problems using a simple non-invasive, portable device!
  • Early discovery leading to better curation and prevention of problems.

Our Associates

Core Team Members

Partha Pratim

Founder & CEO

Chaitali Roy

Co-Founder & CTO

Joy Banerjee


    Rakesh Kr. Mohanty


    Dr. Sumedha Mitra

    AVP-Medical Research

    Our Advisors

    Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar

    Scientific Advisor

    Dr. Sandeep Sharma

    Medical Advisor

    Process Owner, IOCL Startup Fund

    Dr. Nirmal Mohakud

    Medical Advisor
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics KIIT Deemed University

    Kalyan Kar

    Growth Advisor

      Debasis Basu


      Council Member - Gerson Lehrman Group(GLG)

      Shradha Sharma

      Marketing & Branding Advisor


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