A disruptive innovation in healthcare!

A non-invasive, portable device that can detect anemia and predict liver and lung problems in less than a minute without taking even a drop of blood from your body!

A Revolutionary Medical Device!

What Problem Does EzeCheck solve?

Due to inaccessibility and financial constraints, delayed diagnosis of anemia, liver and lung problems leads to more than a million deaths per year! 

EzeRx as a healthcare startup aims to tackle this issue with EzeCheck.

EzeRx EzeCheck

2 out of every 3 Indian women are anemic.

With more than 10 million cases per year in India, nearly 30% of the world's population suffers from anemia!

60% of all liver diseases are caused due to alcohol.

Every year, around 1 million people are newly diagnosed with liver diseases in the country.

COPD is the second most common cause of death.

A lung disease, COPD is one of the most fatal, yet most neglected diseases in India.​

What Does EzeCheck Diagnose?

Anemia Test

Hemoglobin levels help predict anemia.

Anemia is a condition in which one lacks enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to body’s tissues.

Bilirubin levels help identify various liver problems.

Lower than normal bilirubin levels are usually not a concern. Elevated levels may indicate liver damage or disease.

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EzeRx lungs test

Oxygen Saturation aids in examining lung conditions.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is responsible for nearly a million deaths every year. 23% of these are directly linked with oxygen saturation.

A Revolutionary Medical Device!

How EzeCheck works?

Just put your finger on the device and your results are displayed in the mobile phone within seconds!

Why EzeCheck?

There are several other diagnostic tests for anemia, liver and lung problems. Then why do we need EzeCheck? Here's what's unique about us.


You just need to put your finger on the device!


Convenient to carry around, makes it easily accessible.

IOT Enabled

Tele-medicine compatible; results can be used electronically.

Infection free

Improper use of syringes leads to high-risk infections.

No wastage of blood

About 30 ml of blood is drawn out for every blood test!


Compared to tests at diagnostic centres, it is almost free!

No professional required

Using this hassle-free device does not need a skilled person.

Quick Results

EzeCheck delivers results instantly!




Device Dimensions

18.8x5.4x3.6 cm

Device Weight

252 gm

Bluetooth Qualification


Bluetooth Low Energy


Supported Bluetooth Data Rates

2 MBPS, 1 MBPS, 500 KBPS and 125 KBPS

Bluetooth Range

15-20 m

Clock Speed

64 Mhz

Operating Voltage


Maximum Input Voltage


Battery Capacity

2500 mAh

Battery Voltage


Battery Life

16 Hours

Device Charging Time

2 Hours

Device Operating Temperature

0-50 C

Battery Lifespan

500 charge cycles/2-3 years


The proof of what has been, and a promise of what is to come!

EzeCheck testimonial

Debasish Panda


1. EzeRx organized a health camp, where EzeCheck was used. It gave results quickly and at very low price. I found it to be very nice as I got my reports instantly and understood what issues I had.


2. EzeCheck device checks Bilirubin, blood sugar, haemoglobin easily and we don’t have to travel to city clinics for getting these check-ups done. It gives us the result immediately without taking any blood and then we can go to any doctor or hospital for treatment if required. This device has made it very easy for us.

EzeCheck Feedback

Sasanka Garu

Rural Doctor
EzeCheck Review

Jotirmoyee Maisal


3. This device does not require any blood and by only putting a finger on it, it generates so many reports. This is an extremely useful device especially for the poor people here in rural villages.

Centres with EzeCheck Deployed

Ezecheck Ind
Ramnagar, East Medinipur, West Bengal